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Resolving Grief with Hypnosis

Through hypnosis, any memories, thoughts and feelings can be processed in a safe and comfortable environment.

Each of us has memories or can imagine things which affect us in a positive emotional way or a negative emotional way. Memories are stored in the unconscious mind and impact our health.

Hypnosis doesn’t force change but simply resolves problems by creating new possibilities that have direct and positive impact on your life.

GOAL: resolving emotional issue

“Just wanted to share that after our last session i felt soooo much better about my situation. Not sure what you exactly did but boy, it worked!”

PERFORMANCE: Memory Enhancement | Motivation | Public Speaking | Self Confidence |Sports Performance
HEALTH:  Accelerated Healing | Acute Pain | Allergies |  Chronic Pain | Chronic DiseaseCrohn’s Disease | Irritable Bowel |Exercise | Habit Control | Grief | Insomnia Panic Attacks | Phobias Medical Phobia | Dental Phobia|Trauma  | Reduce Anxiety |  Stress Reduction | Stop Smoking | Weight Loss
FREEDOM FROM FEARS, TRAUMAS, PHOBIAS:  Dental Phobia  |  Medical Phobia  |  Panic Attacks  |   Trauma  |  Test AnxietyStuttering

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Sally Holmes Reed, Hypnotherapist and Transformational Results Coach Co-Author of "The Change, Insights Into Self Empowerment: Channel Your Success”