Habits & Repetitive Behaviors

Hypnosis to Change and Improve Habits such as Exercise, Overeating, Nail Biting, Picking, Hair Pulling, On-line Shopping, Endless Internet Surfing, Checking Emails or Hanging Out on Social Media like Facebook.

Have you ever decided to do something, say – begin eating healthier or start an exercise program or stop compulsively checking your email– and then not followed through with it?

I remember I asked that question of a bank manager I know. He said “Yes, I decided to start exercising in the mornings but it didn’t last long.” I asked him why he had stopped. He said “It was boring.” But when he weighed the conscious, logical pros and cons of exercising, the pros far outweighed the cons.

So why didn’t he continue exercising???

Because his logical, conscious mind was not in the decision making seat!

Most people have parts of their lives in which they can quickly and easily make decisions and stick to them. Most of us also have areas where our conscious decisions don’t last long. Maybe it’s that next piece of chocolate or that next cigarette. Maybe it’s watching TV instead of exercising or a mindless behavior of some kind. We consciously decide to do one thing then we turn around and do quite another.

It’s our unconscious mind that is running those habits. And until we get the unconscious on our side we’ll discover just how powerful that unconscious mind is at driving our habits.

Hypnosis can help you quit smoking, lose weight or change any habit. Although trance will not magically create complete willpower it can strengthen your resolve and make sure that decisions you make at one time will transfer to other times.

Hypnotherapy can help you to communicate with your unconscious mind to get you completely and fully aligned and congruent in your decisions.

Hypnosis can also reduce physical symptoms and cravings – in some cases patients of ours have reported no tobacco cravings after quitting! How easy would it be to quit if the cravings were gone?

If you have a habit you’d like to get rid of (or a habit you’d like to have) call or email – We’d be happy to talk with you about whether hypnosis can help your situation.