About Hypnosis

Would you like to know what to expect from your hypnosis session?  Are you looking for a way to solve your problems?

Focus your mind, and achieve your goals, such as weight loss, eating and exercise issues, stop/quit smoking, reduce anxiety, reverse the effects of stress, improve self esteem, business and career coaching, release the fear of public speaking, sleep better, deepen relaxation, enhance relationships, release recurring thoughts and negative self-talk, overcome limitations, improve memory, learning, and test taking, get rid of bad habits, improve healing, healthy living, make good choices, feel free and clear, be happy with hypnotherapy.

Although it would be impossible for anyone to make a comprehensive list of what hypnosis is good for, there are many common problems that have successfully been addressed with hypnotherapy.

If you are worrying that a Hypnotherapy session might not work for you, because you have a unique problem. Don’t worry, because the process of hypnosis can be adapted to your specific needs. And if you are wondering if you can be hypnotized easily, then you can have confidence that being hypnotized is a lot easier than most people think.

If you don’t find your situation addressed here feel free to call or email to talk it over with us.

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Sometimes when you have had a problem for a long time it may seem easier to just accept it, instead of pursuing a solution and getting your hopes up. Hypnosis is very positive and gentle, with no pressure to force you to make any changes that do not support you completely in getting the results you want in your life.

At Hypnosis Seattle, it is good to plan on up to 2 hours for your hypnosis session. The first half hour we will share information and you will tell me what you would like to change in your life.

Next, we will spend time learning some effective processes that will support you in the changes you will be making.

I may teach you a method of breathing and visualization to bring your mind and body into resonance with what you want and also show you a technique to easily access higher levels of consciousness, where learning and change take place.

In addition to hypnosis, there is a process using guided imagery that resolves any hidden conflicts that may be affecting your progress and keeping you from getting the results you want. There are also breathing techniques and a process called meridian tapping that I may teach you and you can use whenever you choose.

Some of our session work will happen in an active trance state, engaged in guided imagery, where you are accessing Alpha and Theta brain wave states and you are fully awake and aware.

For the last half of each session, clients experience hypnosis trance as they recline in my comfortable zero-gravity chair.
Hypnosis includes many levels of consciousness that range from light to deep. Depth is just a metaphor used when speaking about hypnosis, as in the suggestion to go “deeper and deeper” into a relaxed trance state. Some Hypnotherapists use the terms “higher and higher” to suggest expanded levels of consciousness, or perhaps “lighter and lighter” that suggests the feeling of being released from the heaviness of life’s cares and worries. Hypnotic states are part of a continuum of regular consciousness, so you may reach many different levels of hypnosis during your session.

Remember that for some people, hypnosis may not feel any different than your normal waking state of awareness.

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During hypnosis, your conscious mind may remain focused on my words or it may drift off so you do not track what I am saying.

In my work, I tell my clients that it doesn’t matter what your conscious mind is doing during hypnosis, because your unconscious will be listening to everything and you can trust that you will go to the level of trance that is appropriate for you to get the best results.

You already know how to reach hypnotic states because you have been doing it your entire life whether you knew it or not. For example, you enter a state of hypnotic trance when you daydream, let your mind wander, remember an event that happened in the past, imagine something in the future, drive a car, read a book, watch a good movie, listen to music, or begin to drift off to sleep.

Each time you experience an hypnosis session, you will become more and more comfortable, as you reach deeper and deeper levels of awareness.

When your session is complete, you will feel calm, relaxed, refreshed, and ready to bring your full attention to the rest of your day.

Most of my clients see improvement after their first session. Although when there are more complex factors involved, it may take more sessions to address what comes up for each individual.

Each person is unique and much depends on what issue you are wanting to resolve. Most clients like to schedule on a weekly basis. A few chose to come in more frequently and some like to take more time between sessions and schedule their sessions a month or more apart.

After you schedule your appointment, I will send you a confirmation E-mail with a small amount of paperwork to fill out and bring with you on the day of your appointment.

Just minutes away from downtown Seattle in the Eastlake neighborhood, the Hypnosis Seattle Hypnotherapy office is pleasant, comfortable and relaxed, so when you arrive for your session you will immediately feel at ease.

Check out the Hypnosis FAQ page for some common questions about hypnotherapy sessions.

I look forward to helping you begin making positive changes in your life, starting right now!

Take care, Sally