Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety, Fear, Tension, Distress or Dread – It’s Called by Many Names

The problem is a serious one for many people  and can limit  job opportunities, decrease quality of life and shorten life-span.

Sometimes our unconscious gets something wrong or has a fear that is no longer useful. It can attach an automatic feeling to a situation, person, thing or circumstance that doesn’t require it. For instance, your unconscious mind may have learned that it’s dangerous to talk to strangers. But what about meeting someone at a business meeting that you’ve never met before? Should you be afraid for your life? If your unconscious has a program that says “Meet strangers – feel anxious” you will feel anxiety.

Anxiety is usually an out of consciousness reaction to a stimuli. What that mumbo-jumbo means is this: It’s one of the jobs of your unconscious mind to learn what is dangerous to you and have you automatically react to the danger. Sometimes these automatic reactions are in the form of a physical action – like when you accidentally put your hand on a hot stove. You don’t have to think about it consciously “Hmmmmm… should I take my hand off of this burner?” You just react! Other times the unconscious provides us with a feeling that warns us about some situation. When you get too close to the edge of a cliff for instance, you automatically start to get an uneasy feeling.

Fortunately the unconscious mind can learn new things. In fact, it’s the best learner in the universe. But have you noticed how when you tell yourself not to be anxious or afraid it doesn’t work? That’s because you’re not talking to the boss! Your talking to the conscious mind.

Hypnotherapists are trained to send messages directly to your unconscious mind, using special language and techniques that drive the message home. When your unconscious mind considers these messages and looks at how beneficial they will be for you it accepts them at a very deep level. You can feel comfort just as often as you’ve felt anxious in the past. Talk about stress reduction!

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