Ever Feel like You Have What It Takes, but Something Always Seems to Get in the Way?

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At Hypnosis Seattle, the goal is to help you get results better than you ever expected, beyond what you will experience anywhere else, so you can get the results you want and start living a fulfilling life.

Ever feel like you have what it takes, but something always seems to get in the way? Or do you know what is holding you back, but you haven’t been able to find your way to success? Do you want to feel better in your life? Are you looking for help in solving your problems and achieving your goals?

Hypnosis can help you make positive changes in your life and create the life you desire, with less stress and more success.

By listening to what your problems and fears are telling you and identifying any troubling thoughts and ideas, you can stop repeating those same old patterns and stop reinforcing your old beliefs about what is possible.

With Hypnosis, you can clear the fear, breakthrough boundaries, overcome obstacles, challenge the status quo, and refuse to settle, because you can consciously choose to move forward in a new direction to make the changes needed to live a happy, healthy, abundant life.

Perhaps you have explored the amazing amount of information out there about focusing the mind on what you WANT in your life and are wondering “HOW?”. What are the processes that create this new strategy of success?

Some people move through life as if by magic; everything just seems to flow easily. Others may seem to be miserable as they try so hard to make life work. What if you can begin to live a happier life, solve problems, be more comfortable in your body, reduce stress, feel free and in control, improve your career, release old habits, choose new behaviors, or whatever is on your specific list of changes you want to make in your life?

What if you can begin to live a happier life, feel free & in control, and release old habits?

Yes You Can!
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How Can Hypnosis Help You?

Insomnia is a Far More Serious Problem than Many People Realize

Lack of sleep is bad for your health and can cause poor performance at work and bad decision-making on the highway.

There are many healing and rejuvenating qualities of sleep that are missing when sleep deprivation is involved. Hypnosis can help to instruct the unconscious mind when it is appropriate to go over things and when it is appropriate to relax and let go.

Lose Weight and Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Hypnosis can be very successful in creating positive changes in your life, whether you want to lose weight naturally without dieting or you are looking for support in following a specific weight loss diet system or program. Hypnosis allows you to enter a state of relaxation and heightened suggestibility to support you in reaching your goals of being the healthy size and shape and weight you want to be.

Hypnosis will affect the way your brain feels about food, emotional hunger, cravings, your belief about your body and much more.

Sally Holmes Reed

Sally Holmes Reed

Sally Holmes Reed is known by many as Seattle’s best hypnotherapist and is an expert in multi-level mindset mastery for personal development, health and wellness, and transformation.

Sally’s goal is to help you solve your problems, achieve your goals, and get results better than you ever expected, beyond what you will experience anywhere else.

As the owner of HypnosisSeattle.com and the creator of the Channel Your Success Formula, Sally has helped thousands of clients clear their fears, overcome obstacles, and challenge their limitations so they can step into bigger opportunities in their life and business.  Sally believes everyone is meant to lead a fulfilling life and experience extraordinary success.

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