Weight Loss

Lose Weight and Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Would you like help releasing unwanted pounds and losing weight with hypnosis? At Hypnosis Seattle we have found that weight loss responds very well to hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis can be very successful in creating positive changes in your life, whether you want to lose weight naturally without dieting or you are looking for support in following a specific weight loss diet system or program. Hypnosis allows you to enter a state of relaxation and heightened suggestibility to support you in reaching your goals of being the healthy size and shape and weight you want to be.

Hypnosis will affect the way your brain feels about food, emotional hunger, cravings, your belief about your body and much more. This will help you feel better, more energized and feel positive about creating better results than you can imagine.

At Hypnosis Seattle, we use a personal one-on-one approach to support you in reaching your goal of living a life that is lite and joyful. Each session will be focused on satisfying your specific needs and goals.

Learn easy to use self-hypnosis to begin to eat consciously, stop struggling with yourself, and treat yourself with the care and respect you deserve.

In addition to hypnosis, there is a process using guided imagery that resolves any hidden conflicts that have kept you from reaching your goal.

Hypnosis brings your subconscious into alignment with your goals and desires, and reprograms your unconscious so that all parts of your mind and body are working together to achieve your goal. Put yourself into a state of strong, clear intentions to incorporate new habits and achieve and maintain being your ideal, healthy weight.

This is not about willpower or character. This is about finding what works for you. Hypnosis changes your mind so that, of course, you begin to pay more attention, to eat better, healthy food, get healthier and be healthier.

This weight loss approach is quite different than anything else. It’s not about will power or self control or even calories. Hypnosis gives you the suggestions that there are no food cravings, no feelings of depravation, no depression, no fatigue. When old eating habits are set loose, you have increased energy.

Hypnosis allows you to maintain motivation, change eating habits, and change how you emotionally react to eating. How would you like to get rid of any critical or judgmental thoughts, anxieties, or anything you feel uncertain about?

As you normalize your relationship with food, you will begin to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. Imagine eating a normal amount of food and enjoying a feeling of being totally full and completely satisfied.

Correcting and rebalancing and resetting your metabolism, so you can reach and maintain your attractive, strong, healthy, and happy weight in this whole new way for your life.

Have you ever wondered why people lose weight and then gain it back?

Let’s look closely at the reasons people are overweight. For some people overeating is just a simple habit. Hypnosis has long been known as an effective way to change habits. Dieting and exercise are a part of any health regimen but they don’t address the habit issue. Drugs suppress habit impulses chemically (that includes herbal drugs folks) but don’t get to the unconscious root of the problem.

For others, eating has a deep emotional significance or serves some need – usually a feeling of safety or comfort. Is diet, exercise or chemical intervention going to satisfy that need? No.

The unconscious, deep-seated needs will continue to express themselves through overeating until they are resolved. Weight loss will not be possible long-term until you can do this. This is why so many people lose weight for a while – then gain it back. Hypnotherapy is extremely valuable in finding permanent and more healthy ways to get those feelings of comfort.

Other folks have trauma in their past. Sometimes, the unconscious mind believes that having a layer of fat is the only way to keep a person safe. In these cases, when someone loses weight they will become increasingly edgy and possibly begin to experience anxiety or panic until they begin to regain the weight. Will diets and exercise alone solve this problem? Will taking drugs and chemicals help resolve these past issues? No.

Hypnosis can help resolve past issues by re-processing them in a safe environment – allowing you to lose weight and feel fine emotionally. Then exercise and eating healthy food can have a full positive effect.

There are some people who have a genetic disposition toward overweight or a medical condition which has overweight as a side-effect. It is good to know that hypnosis can be of benefit in these situations. We have never seen a medical condition that does not have some mental or emotional components. These can be addressed through hypnosis.

Doesn’t it make sense to have all of your resources aimed toward meeting your goal? Whether it’s losing weight or achieving another cherished goal, hypnotherapy can help. Call or email to find out more.

Begin to nourish yourself in a whole new way of living and eating for life.