Acute Pain

Acute Pain Management and Hypnosis

People have a hard time believing that hypnosis can help pain, but consider this…thousands of operations have been performed with little or no pain without anesthesia.

Reduce your drug usage – hypnosis is a drug free pain reliever.

Ask your doctor if pain killers retard the healing process – the answer may surprise you. Here’s some scientific evidence.

The Center for the Advancement of Health states in it’s article Minding the Body: The Science of Hypnosis “Strong evidence for the use of hypnosis in alleviating cancer pain was found by a scientific panel convened by the National Institutes of Health. In one 10-year follow-up of 86 cancer patients, those who received self-hypnosis training along with group therapy had 50 percent less pain and survived a year and a half longer than those who had routine medical care.”

We’ll teach you self-hypnosis and imagine added to that, the power of having an experienced professional giving you properly worded suggestions for comfort and healing in a deep state of suggestibility.

According to Marc Marcuse in his article The Use of Hypnosis in Pain Management:  “In investigations of what types of pain hypnosis is effective with and which types are not, most seem to indicate that hypnosis is universally successful in pain management.Hypnosis has been shown effective in management of many varied types of pain, including pain associated with childbirth (Weishaar, 1986), angioplasty (Weinstein & Au, 1991), leukemia (Silva, 1990), and even headaches (VanDyck, et al, 1991).”

Universally successful in pain management! Those are strong words. Why don’t more doctors recommend hypnotherapy for their patients in pain? We believe the answer is that some doctors either don’t understand how hypnosis works or they haven’t been educated to the scientifically proven benefits of hypnosis. Much of the evidence has been around for over one hundred years now. Though many doctors are open to this helpful treatment it’s time for those who aren’t to look at the clear evidence.

If you have any questions about whether hypnosis might help your situation please call or write.