Drug Free Allergy Treatment with Hypnosis

An allergy is a mistake of the immune system. Your immune system is literally over-reacting to the allergen. It sets a process in motion which eventually results in the release of histamine into the body. Histamine is one of the immune system’s defenses against invaders. Unfortunately, histamine also has side affects – itching, rash, swelling, runny nose etc. The symptoms are what we call allergies.

Yes, the immune system can learn – in fact that’s how it protects you from new diseases, viruses and bacteria – it learns!

Treating allergies through hypnosis is safe, drug-free and the only side effects are and increased sense of well being and relaxation.

Most other treatments treat the symptoms and not the underlying cause. For some, anti-histamines are necessary – but doesn’t it make sense to first try a treatment that doesn’t depress your immune system?

Though hypnosis is effective at relieving allergic symptoms, its strength is in retraining the immune system to react appropriately in the presence of whatever bothers you. Sometimes this involves finding and resolving the “root cause” or sensitizing event that produced the allergy in the first place. Quite often we find that when the symptoms first started significant some stress was present in a person’s life (a move, school starting, a divorce etc.) In situations such as these, the immune system can be on full alert and over respond to substances – mistaking them for threats. Through hypnosis, we can retrain the immune system – tell it that these substances are perfectly safe and that they can be handled without histamine.

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