Accelerated Healing

The Science of Hypnosis and Healing

Hypnosis is a valuable adjunct treatment for most medical conditions.

Conditions which involve pain, discomfort, surgery, the immune system, blood flow or healing of any kind can be helped with hypnosis.

Many medical professionals are unaware of how hypnosis can help their patients heal faster and be more comfortable in the process. So after you see your doctor, be sure and call to find out if we can help.

Below you’ll find excerpts from a few of the many studies and hypnosis and accelerated healing.

The Western Journal Of Medicine reported in May 1993, in an article entitled Effect Of Preoperative Suggestion On Postoperative Gastrointestinal Motility stated:

“Hypnotic Suggestion can speed recovery from surgery. Twenty patients were told before abdominal surgery ‘Your stomach and intestines will begin to move and churn so that you can eat your favorite food soon after the operation.’ On average, they recovered gastrointestinal functioning in 37 percent less time than did the control group and were discharged from the hospital in 6.5 days, compared to 8.1 days for the controls. Savings averaged $1,200 per patient.”

According to Dr. David Spiegel, MD (Director of the Complementary Medicine center at the Stanford School of Medicine) when talking about patients undergoing invasive radiological procedures:

“Those who were taught self-hypnosis used one-ninth the medication, and yet they had significantly less pain, less anxiety, less instability of their heart rate and blood pressure, fewer procedural interruptions and got out of the recovery room sooner than those who were not taught self-hypnosis.”

Dr. Howard Hall of Pennsylvania State University has shown that subjects, using hypnosis, can generate a more active immune response…

Psychophysiologist Jeanne Achterberg and psychologist G. Frank Lawlis demonstrated that the patients’ centeral response — future tumor growth or remission — was directly related to the specificity, vividness, strength, and clarity of their mental imagery…

Use hypnosis to boost your immune system, as a pre or post-operative accelerated healing factor to speed recovery and add comfort.

Give us a call or write an email if you’re curious or have any questions or would like to speed your healing process.