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GOAL: weight loss

"Hi Sally, How are you??? I'm doing great - the cravings & desires for unhealthy junk food are gone!!! I am so grateful!!!"

GOAL: stop smoking

"I had smoked cigarrettes for 20 years. I started when I was really young and did not really think hypnosis would work, but I had a new girlfriend that didn't like it that I smoked. My first hypnosis session was on a Friday afternoon. That weekend, I went out to all the places I usually smoke and it was amazing. Just like Sally said, I did not have to struggle not to smoke, I just didn't even want to. "

GOAL: life goals

"What you helped me with last visit has been spectacular."

GOAL: preparing for important exam

"I just wanted to confirm my next appointment with you… I think the first session really helped me focus and have a more positive outlook."

GOAL: stress management and sleep

"This last week since my first appointment has been the best week of my life. "

GOAL: surviving negative family dynamics

"There is a warmth and calmness running through my veins tonight that can only be attributed to being "Sally-ized". Thank you. Having everything start to unfurl is very interesting... It has been difficult, but I knew that I needed to stick to my guns... Well, I AIN'T playing that game anymore. And it feels really good."

GOAL: recovering from grief of losing a loved one

"Have truly been feeling better since our last session. Brighter, and believing in the future! Please let me know when you have time for me again. I want to keep feeling GOOD. Thanks."

GOAL: change a habit/behavior

"Thank you for a very productive session."

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