Have You Ever Made Up Your Mind to Exercise Regularly and Then Lost Your Motivation?

How is it that a person can consciously decide to do something and then not follow through? The answer is that some part of you is in opposition to your exercising. If you fully and congruently wanted to exercise you would experience what we call motivation. Many times, the part of you that doesn’t want to exercise does not operate at the conscious level. The unconscious mind, being more powerful, usually wins out in the end. No amount of berating yourself or making promises to yourself will help.

Hypnosis can help to align all parts of your mind toward the goal of exercising regularly and the satisfaction, health, vitality and energy that go along with it. You still have to do the work but doesn’t it make sense to have your mind on your side?

Call now and we’ll figure out whether or not hypnosis is an appropriate approach for you.