Self Confidence

Lack of Self-Confidence is Created by Us Constantly Remembering or Imagining Negative Situations & Getting Bad Feelings as a Result

How can Hypnosis increase self confidence? How can low self esteem be helped through hypnotherapy? The answer is in how our minds work. The conscious mind can only keep track of so much, so it’s left to our unconscious mind to create and maintain things such as our self image. In order to produce a self-image our minds refer back to past incidents or create possible future scenarios and then produce feelings related to those imaginations or memories. Often this activity is out of our conscious awareness, we only know that we have a good or bad feeling.

Each of us has memories or can imagine things which affect us in a positive emotional way or a negative emotional way.
Sometimes the negative emotions play an important role. If you accidentally placed your hand on a hot burner, you wouldn’t want to have to think about it – you want your unconscious mind to move that hand immediately!

Since these thoughts are often out of consciousness and “automatic” to a certain extent, it’s difficult to retrain yourself. Affirmations are a way to retrain your unconscious mind. If you repeat an affirmation enough times, with your conscious mind, with the proper emotion and with belief, your unconscious will eventually get the message.

Hypnosis goes right to the boss – the unconscious mind. Let’s get the message to the part of us that can do something about it quickly and comfortably. The unconscious mind is a great learner and can be trained to refer to things that give you good feelings – self-confidence.

If this makes some sense to you or you have some questions, feel free to call or email now to discuss whether or not hypnosis could help with your situation.