Public Speaking

Hypnosis Helps Alleviate the Fear of Public Speaking

How would your life be better if you could comfortably and confidently speak in front of groups, a job interviewer, presenting a toast at a wedding or speaking up for that meeting in your office?

Called by many names – stage fright, speech anxiety, shyness, fear of speaking, performance anxiety, and speech phobia, fear of public speaking can have a negative effect on careers and the ability to get things done.

Hypnosis can help you to reach and bring out the inner confidence you have in one area and attach it to another area. If you feel confident cooking a soufflé, hypnotherapy can help attach that same confidence to speaking in public. If you feel confident speaking to a child, hypnosis can help to create that same feeling while performing public speaking.

You’re welcome to contact us now if you have questions about how hypnosis might help you rid yourself of fear of public speaking.