Memory Enhancement

Your Unconscious Mind is Where Your Memories are Stored

Here’s the way it works. Your conscious mind can only keep track of a certain number of things at one time. For instance, you don’t go around remembering your phone number all day (in your conscious mind), you just think of it when you need it (your unconscious mind serves it to your conscious mind).

In a trance we can instruct your memory to “share information across folders”, so you can remember what you want when you need it.

For example, most of us have had the experience of meeting a person in one place and then seeing them in another place – and not remembering their name or who they were.

That’s a case of your mind not “reaching into the correct folder” to retrieve the information. Hypnosis is a much broader, more fluid state of mind that allows you to train your brain to retrieve all that stored information in your unconscious mind.

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