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Freedom From Fears, Traumas, Phobias

Do you have an issue or past experience that is interfering with your day-to-day life? Isn’t it past time to get it taken care of? Wouldn’t it be nice to have relief from those old fears and traumas from the past that are no longer useful? There are several Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques that can […]

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Self Confidence

Lack of self-confidence is created by us constantly remembering or imagining negative situations and getting bad feelings as a result. How can Hypnosis increase self confidence? How can low self esteem be helped through hypnotherapy? The answer is in how our minds work. The conscious mind can only keep track of so much, so it’s […]

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Habits and Repetitive Behaviors

Hypnosis to Change and Improve Habits such as exercise, overeating, nail biting, picking, hair pulling, on-line shopping, endless internet surfing, checking emails or hanging out on social media like Facebook. Have you ever decided to do something, say – begin eating healthier or start an exercise program or stop compulsively checking your email– and then […]

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Chronic Pain

Chronic pain causes millions to suffer. Can hypnosis be used to give people relief from chronic pain? The answer is yes! Hypnosis and hypnotherapy have long been known as effective pain management strategies. Hypnosis is a viable alternative to drug or surgical chronic pain treatments. Temporary relief can often be experienced through direct suggestion for […]

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Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety, fear, tension, distress or dread – it’s called by many names. The problem is a serious one for many people  and can limit  job opportunities, decrease quality of life and shorten life-span. Sometimes our unconscious gets something wrong or has a fear that is no longer useful. It can attach an automatic feeling to […]

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