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GOAL: weight loss

“Thank you again for our session, it was a break through for me, and I “noticed what is different” immediately upon leaving, to my surprise. I’ll update you more soon, as I’m noticing more changes each day… this is definitely working for me.

Also thank you for the time you took with me. The visit seemed to go by on a blink and I was surprised when I looked at my watch upon leaving.”

GOAL: weight loss

“It is interesting when given the right tools how things can change. I am now two pounds away from my first goal of 40 pounds, then I want to hang there, keep it off, and loose at least 20 more.

GOAL: weight loss

“Hi Sally, I wanted to thank you for the reference of the Self Hypnosis Diet. I did not buy it immediately after I met you and even after I did I did not read it right away. I have read it thru once and 6 months later…well a little more then that… I am down 35 pounds.

In our last session you told me in the trance work that I would know what I wanted and be very clear in how to go about it and confident to do so. I am writing you to say it all was so valuable to me. Blessings.

I still think about you and our sessions. I can not thank you enough for doing what you do. You impacted my life, so if you want to use me as a referance on your site, feel free.”

(When clients want a CD to listen to between sessions, I recommend The Self Hypnosis Diet by Dr. Steve Gurgevich from Dr. Andrew Weil’s clinic. Please click on the link in the sidebar to purchase this book and CD.)

GOAL: passing critical exam for career promotion

“I passed! I was so stressed when I arrived at the test site, but with all the tools you gave me, I was able to not let it take over. Thank you so much!!!!

GOAL: stop smoking
“I came to you in December to quit smoking. Tremendous success! It is now February and I have not smoked since I met with you!”

GOAL: weight loss
“I haven’t been craving my afternoon treats! Seriously. I’ve been eating yogurt and nuts in the morning, a good lunch in the afternoon and then having some sort of snack in the mid-afternoon, then a good dinner. I’ve been trying to keep my blood sugar level and it seems to have really been working. I haven’t had a frappucino since I saw you! I think you are right too about the cravings – cravings aren’t good – when I don’t crave it is a healthier sign. I haven’t been able to figure out what to eat a lot of the time because nothing sounds good. I’ve been so used to things sounding good for so long that it feels odd. I’ve also been trying to pay attention to being hungry. So whatever we did last time, let’s do it again next time!”

GOAL: resolving emotional issue
“Just wanted to share that after our last session i felt soooo much better about my situation. Not sure what you exactly did but boy, it worked!”

GOAL: stop drinking alcohol
” I am feeling so strong and everything is going great with the work we did.”

GOAL: weight loss
“I am a different person now.”

GOAL: dealings with negative people
“So totally blown away by my first session. I have a whole different view of things that gave me total freedom.”

GOAL: life goals
“Hi Sally. I’m thinking about who I know that can best talk me through an issue. Who do I learn from? Who gets it more than me? Sally!
All good stuff we are working with. Just BIG!
And I need your intuitive calm and common sense.”

GOAL: weight loss
“Slower weight loss than expected, but this whole eating thing is so much better. I am eating good food and not even thinking about it. Portion sizes have dramatically decreased and I am feeling calmer. Not feeling any sense of lack, but not feeling guilty either.”

GOAL: better sleep
“Our sleep hypnosis was a success. I’ve been sleeping better since our last session.”

GOAL: weight loss
“I have lost 25 pounds since last fall! It feels good. I had to buy new jeans.
I will call you when I get back… to work on another area of my life.”

GOAL: life goals
“My life changed for the better after our sessions, but I want to go through more to fine tune. Thanks so much. I look forward to seeing you as I type with a smile on my face!”

GOAL: weight loss
“Hi Sally,How are you??? I’m doing great – the cravings & desires for unhealthy junk food are gone!!! I am so grateful!!!”

GOAL: passing critical exam for new career
“I just wanted to let you know that I passed my oral assessment in Washington, DC. Thanks for your help.”

GOAL: positive change and self confidence
“Hi Sally, I just wanted to say thank you for all u have done for me. I think that it was fate that I met you. I believe that something is learned from everyone you come in contact with throughout your life and I can’t tell you how much I learned from you. You are a great inspiration. You have a wonderful gift and a beautiful spirit. Since I have met you, I can see a positive change in me, the light inside of me is returning and I am becoming more confident everyday. Thank you again.”

GOAL: weight loss
“I went to a nutritionist and loved her! you would LOVE her! her name is jennifer adler and her website is i sat down and told her everything, about how long i’d been dieting, and all about you. i told her how i have food voices in my head and i need to eliminate them. her suggestions were great and, by the way, completely in line with yours. i would tell her what you’d recommended and she’d say something like, “that makes my heart go pitter-pat!” i think that all the work we’d done put me in a place to accept what she suggested. i just needed that food guidance aspect. i wanted to tell you about 2 things she recommended. i figure you already know about them, but just in case. the first is Kombucha. the second is Kefir.”

GOAL: improving sleep
“I’m happy to report my sleep has been better this week… I look forward very much to our next session.”

GOAL: life goals
“What a pleasure it was to work with you a few weeks ago. I felt immediately comfortable in your space and felt very safe and easily able to be vulnerable in your presence. You are a very loving and peaceful soul and I am honored to have been able to work with you. I think we did a lot of good work that day, and am looking forward to its continued unfolding as the weeks go on. I have already recommended you several times and look forward to working with you again in the future.”

GOAL: relieving unwanted response pattern
‘We just left the theater and I was tear-free! I can’t thank you enough for your help and extra meridian tapping.”

GOAL: decision making
“I had a big decision to make and couldn’t seem to do it. I was driving myself crazy going back and forth between the two choices, really stuck and frustrated. After doing parts work and the other processes, along with hypnosis, I was able to trust myself to make the best choice.”

GOAL: releasing grief and sadness
“Today has been the first fantastic day in a long time. I am so glad to be able to tell you about it… Again, WOW! Out of sadness and fear I suddenly feel renewed and have hope again.”

GOAL: weight loss
“I have lost all the weight I wanted to in 3 months. Not only have I gotten rid of my weight problem, everything seems to be clicking for me. Many of the problems I used to have are now gone and life is so much easier.”

GOAL: clearing negative memories, thoughts, feelings and behaviors and setting positive life goals and intentions
“I felt great last week after our session! …I was in such a peaceful, strong place the whole afternoon…Lets do it again soon.”

GOAL: clearing indecision about changing jobs
“I came home and was SOOOO tired. I feel WAY different.. towards my boss, my job.. just in general. It’s amazing. Thank you so much Sally.”
(FYI Within a few weeks, this client got a new job at twice the salary.)
“I got the job!!!!! Thanks so much for the support!”

GOAL: life decisions
“Thank you very much for the session yesterday.
I really did enjoy it very much, so much that I didn’t even realize how much time we spent together!”

GOAL: stop smoking
“At a session with you in May a year ago, you helped me quit smoking. Well, it worked like a charm. I am back to free and healthy lungs for almost a year! I graduated last summer and passed my board exams and am building up a practice in a great integrative clinic along with some experienced and wonderful MD’s.”

GOAL: improving love relationship
“I just wanted to send you a note to let you know what a HUGE impact you’ve had on my life. My outlook, feelings, and views on relationships are way different than they were a few months ago. Very positive changes have been made, and continue to be made.”

GOAL: stop binging on junk food
“This hypnosis stuff really seems to be helping. I really thought this was going to chain into another eating binge but I really felt that I had a choice. I got a tall glass of water and felt okay. All the techniques you taught me have been super helpful. I have a feeling hypnosis will be able to help me with a lot of things.”

GOAL: preparing for important exam
“I just wanted to confirm my next appointment with you… I think the first session really helped me focus and have a more positive outlook.”

GOAL: stress management and sleep
“This last week since my first appointment has been the best week of my life. ”

GOAL: leaving a toxic job
“The BEST thing in the WORLD happened!… I look forward to the future with a smile on my face! …The Universe is working with me. I thank you for teaching me how to interact with it…At the end of the day, I got exactly what I wanted … How great is that????”

GOAL: weight loss
“What a change! I don’t snack all day anymore and I am making healthy choices without feeling bad. ”

GOAL: sleep support
“Your training and credentials are impressive, and it’s good to know that you have a deep understanding of what happens with insomnia (the exhausted adrenals, stress hormones, etc)…I will definitely keep your info handy and refer people to you.”

GOAL: study habits and self esteem
“You are truly exceptional at what you do. Just wanted to say thanks for everything. I’m glad I met you, and appreciate your support, advice and expertise! See you soon!!”

GOAL: life goals
“Thank you so much for your time and energy yesterday. I really enjoyed meeting you and am excited to see where the information and guidance you have given me will take me.”

GOAL: self esteem and trauma release
“Thank you for your help yesterday. I felt completely comfortable which is rare. Today, I feel more like “me” than I have been in a long time. ”

GOAL: change a habit/behavior
“Thank you for a very productive session.”

GOAL: career advancement
“After three sessions everything started falling into place. My 5 year plan suddenly is happening quickly and easily. Thank you for all your help!”

GOAL: recovering from grief of losing a loved one
“Have truly been feeling better since our last session. Brighter, and believing in the future! Please let me know when you have time for me again. I want to keep feeling GOOD. Thanks.”

GOAL: weight loss
“I had a big problem with snacking all day long because I work at home. After just one session, it is no longer a problem. I couldn’t believe it was so easy. ”

GOAL: surviving negative family dynamics
“There is a warmth and calmness running through my veins tonight that can only be attributed to being “Sally-ized”. Thank you. Having everything start to unfurl is very interesting… It has been difficult, but I knew that I needed to stick to my guns… Well, I AIN’T playing that game anymore. And it feels really good.”

GOAL: stop smoking
“I had smoked cigarrettes for 20 years. I started when I was really young and did not really think hypnosis would work, but I had a new girlfriend that didn’t like it that I smoked. My first hypnosis session was on a Friday afternoon. That weekend, I went out to all the places I usually smoke and it was amazing. Just like Sally said, I did not have to struggle not to smoke, I just didn’t even want to. ”

GOAL: recovering from grief and loss “I slept well. I was able to cope with things WAY better. I could leave the house each day …with a smile in my heart, and on my face. …You have taught me so manyfantastic things! You have taken me from a confused “blackest black” man, like damn Queen Victioria grieving for Albert, and put me back in the world I must live in. And made me understand about love and loss, and… how to cope. You have given me so many beautiful pictures in my head. And when I wake restless or worried, I can see the waves washing over my rock … And say “thank you universe for what I DO have.” You have given me that. That is amazing.”

GOAL: self esteem
“Hypnosis helped me stop being so anxious when I meet new people. I would get really nervous and say and do stupid things and feel really bad about myself. I am so much more comfortable now and even went to a party by myself and I had never done that before. I also am getting along with my mom better. After my first 2 hypnosis sessions, I took a trip to Oregon to visit my mom and for the first time since I can remember we did not have a big fight.”

GOAL: transition to new job
“Thanks again for a wonderful and eye-opening (brain opening?) session yesterday. I will refer my friends to you…”

GOAL: stop drinking alcohol
“You are amazing. Sitting through a five course meal with a different wine with each…Then at party with 7 different Champagnes…..then the champagne toast at Midnight. No twinge of craving what so ever. My daughter kept saying..Mom I’m so proud of you… it must be hard for you. I loved saying no, I am feeling calm and comfortable. That was the best. ”

GOAL: relieving social anxiety
“You offer a good variety of alternative therapies, which I prefer over hypnosis alone.”

GOAL: stop being afraid of bad weather (10 year old)

“Just wanted to let you know that it rained REALLY hard on Saturday. My son was at his dad’s and he was FINE.. OMG- thank YOU !!! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am.

He acted like “well of course I wasn’t afraid… and I didn’t even have my rock!!”

(During our hypnosis session, we used the action of rubbing a smooth rock to “anchor” positive feelings of being safe and calm, so he could rub the rock if he became frightened when the weather was bad and feel in control…then it turns out he was free of the old reaction and did not even need the rock to feel totally OK.)

GOAL: life goals
“What you helped me with last visit has been spectacular.”

GOAL: stop biting fingernails
“After my first hypnosis session I did not think I was hypnotised and did not think it worked at all. Then suddenly, a few days later, I looked down at my hands and I had fingernails! I was shocked. I couldn’t believe my eyes for a minute, because it had happened without me even realizing it.”

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My goal is to help you solve your problems, achieve your goals, and get the good feelings you want to feel, with more success and less stress.

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