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Habits and Repetitive Behaviors

Hypnosis to Change and Improve Habits such as exercise, overeating, nail biting, picking, hair pulling, on-line shopping, endless internet surfing, checking emails or hanging out on social media like Facebook. Have you ever decided to do something, say – begin eating healthier or start an exercise program or stop compulsively checking your email– and then […]

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What to Expect from Hypnosis

Would you like to know what to expect from your hypnosis session? Are you looking for a way to solve your problems? Focus your mind, and achieve your goals, such as weight loss, eating and exercise issues, stop/quit smoking, reduce anxiety, reverse the effects of stress, improve self esteem, business and career coaching, release the fear of public […]

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Hypnosis FAQ

Will Hypnosis Work For Me? And other Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnotherapy Oftentimes people have questions before committing to booking a hypnosis session. We’ve answered some of the more common questions here: How Do I Set Up An Appointment? Am I Hypnotizable? What will happen during a session? Does Hypnosis really work? How long are […]

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Hypnosis Seattle Hypnotherapy Services

Hypnosis is very positive and gentle, with no pressure to force you to make any changes that do not support you completely in getting results that are better than you expected. You may be surprised at how easily hypnosis can create relaxation, allowing you to access your mind on all levels of consciousness and transform […]

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